Val Waller

Val Carter, Co-Founder

Director of Community Engagement & Strategic Partnerships

As Co-founder of Fresh Corner, Val manages our Catering and Fresh Market services as well as our Marketing & Communications. When not making the world a healthier place, Val moonlights as a professional photographer and visual storyteller. Her fascination with small, beautiful moments earned her a spot in the 2018 Documenting Detroit Fellowship. Aside from Fresh Corner and photography, Val obsesses over the color purple and Dr. Who. Val earned her Bachelor or Arts in Sociology at the University of Michigan.


NOam Kimelman, Co-Founder

As Co-founder of Fresh Corner and Detroit Food Academy, Noam leads two impact-driven organizations which wield the power of good food to further equity, improve quality of life, and create opportunity.  He is driven by the conviction that good food and good health are inextricably linked and that all people should have affordable, convenient access to both.   He is passionate about joyful, collaborative workplaces and is committed to a more just and delicious future in Detroit. Noam earned his Bachelor of Science and Master of Public Health in Health Management and Policy from the University of Michigan.

Nick Waller

Nick Waller, co-owner

Director of Marketing & Sales

Nick’s work ethic, insights, and charm have helped the company flourish while earning him a spot as our third Partner. His passions for a better world have also inspired him to co-found Kollegetown, an event marketing and mentorship organization that focuses on developing young black adults into forward thinking, progressive, and professional individuals. Nick earned his Bachelor of Arts in Public Affairs from Wayne State University..

Edwin Miller

Edwin Miller, Fresh Markets Manager

Edwin manages our Fresh Markets Program. He officially joined our team in late 2016, but has been affiliated since 2012, as one of the first student participants of the Detroit Food Academy (then called the Detroit Youth Food Brigade). Check him out here in this throwback fundraising video!