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Fresh markets

Those who are familiar with our story know that we were founded with the mission to increase access to healthy food options throughout the city. After years of working to transform traditional retail spaces (corner stores, gas stations, liquor stores) into fresh food oases, we are deepening our work by relying on 4 best practices that we have learned:

  1. Meet people where they are

  2. Leverage existing relationships

  3. Offer multiple entry points

  4. Sustain a lean cost infrastructure

The result is Fresh Market Pop-ups, a low-cost high-impact vehicle to increase access to high-quality, affordable, healthy foods. Through a coordinated neighborhood-by-neighborhood approach, we partner with schools, community centers, recreation centers, hospitals, and senior residential communities to provide weekly pop-up market stands featuring fresh produce and affordable healthy meals and snacks. Markets operate for 1-1.5 hours during naturally occurring high-traffic periods, such as after school when parents are picking up their children or after the Active Older Adults class at the local YMCA.

Fresh Corner Impact History

fresh corners

Thanks to an exciting new collaboration with Authority Health and Mi Plato Mi Vida this year, we’re bringing fresh fruits, vegetables, and healthy meals to gas stations in Southwest Detroit! If you’re in the neighborhood, check out the firsts of many sites to come!

Sunoco Gas Station – 4800 West Fort Street Detroit MI 48209
Citgo Gas Station – 4415 West Vernor Street Detroit MI 48209

fresh workplaces

Want to keep your team happy, healthy, and productive? Try our self-serve workplace cafe! We provide a seamless and secured credit card payment system along with a refrigerator which we load with well-balanced nutritious meals and snacks, so that eating healthy is easy and delicious. As demand grows, we add a variety of healthy, delicious local food products to the mix, and the café becomes a mini marketplace of delicious Made in Detroit products that employees and visitors can purchase at any time.