At Fresh Corner, it’s not just about increasing access to healthier foods, but also supporting the local food economy. We partner with small food businesses from around the city and distribute their offerings to our workplace cafes, pop-up stands, and caterings. Here are a few of our most recent Detroit based product partners!

Friends Potato Chip:   Detroit’s first farm to table potato chip!Detroit Friends Potato Chips

Their story: Once upon a time the Hope District bustled with work that created wealth, dignity, and optimism. Residents and workers were warned that these economic boom times were threatened by global competition and complacency but they did not take heed. Because of that, things began to decline. Consequently, residents and workers lost wealth, dignity, and optimism. Until one day our community came together and created Friends Potato Chips food product as a way to add new purpose to vacant lots inside of the Hope District which in turn created opportunities for new employment that has created wealth, work, and helped to regain our dignity.

Mitten Bites:   Made by the Detroit Food Academy!

Their story (taken from the website): DFA is an afterschool  leadership Mitten Bitesdevelopment program for  young Detroiters that culminates in the design and launch of students’ own triple-bottom-line (people, planet, profit)  food business. Through this process we surround our students with the experience, knowledge, and networks of support they need to achieve academically, thrive professionally, lead confidently, and live healthfully. Participants graduate with a foundation in business basics, culinary arts, food skills, financial literacy, and leadership; a polished values-based food product, a certificate in food and social entrepreneurship, a network of potential employers, and an opportunity to enter our summer employment program.

10644552_622289984557089_5137536834253838003_nCreme Detroipolis:   Delicious. Delightful. Divine.

Their Story (taken from the website): We are culinary  purveyors of Detroit-style southern cuisine.We specialize in  gourmet sweet potato crème-based desserts that embrace the traditional essence and soul of the American South. Our original sweet potato crème is the perfect blend of comfort flavors and aromas in a delicious mixture of sweet potato filling, a delightful layer of sweet crème, and a divine buttery home-made graham crust. Experience the new benchmark in comfort food.