With so many diets and fads these days, nutrition and health can seem complicated and scary. At Fresh Corner, we keep it simple. We don’t prescribe specific ingredients or specific foods for specific times of day, we simply make great-tasting dishes and pack them with leafy greens and fresh vegetables.  And when the inevitable cravings for sweets arise, we satisfy them with hearty local snacks made with whole ingredients, zero preservatives, and a whole lot of love. Like Detroit Food Academy’s Mitten Bites, Friend’s Farm to Table Potato Chips, or Cynthia’s Cynt-Sational Popcorn. Good health is a way of life not a never-ending diet.

Noam Kimelman, Co-Founder & Co-Owner

To keep things simple we use 5 basic principles and benefits from Eating Clean for Dummies by Jonathan Wright and Linda Larsen. Let us know what you think!

Eating Clean