Fresh Corner Café is a mission-driven food service provider working toward a fresher, healthier, and even more delicious Detroit. Because good food has the power to heal, nourish, and inspire, we connect an expansive network of schools, community centers, cafes, and workplaces to delicious, locally produced healthy foods. This means that we pay acute attention to the nutritional density of our ingredients as well as where they come from, how they are produced, and who benefits along the way. We weigh each of these core values in providing a well-balanced and delicious menu that maximizes fresh, healthy, sustainable, and affordable. Our services include Fresh Market Pop-ups, Workplace Wellness Cafe, and Healthy Lunchbox Catering. We envision a future in which affordable healthy foods are conveniently available to all residents of Detroit and our surrounding communities.

Supporting this work is as easy as ordering excellent food for your next meeting, event, or gathering. We have a wide variety of delicious options that can cater to any individual preferences or group size. Let’s build a more just and equitable Detroit together!